Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sight Word Spotters

(4 Years)

We're trying to learn our sight words.  We have been playing a lot of different activities (see below) and I have a list of more activities to try (see here).  This sight word spotter activity is part reading, part matching.  I asked Little Miss and Wild One to each choose a book that we should create magic word spotters for (we call them magic words).  I quickly read through the book to find the sight words we have practiced.  Then I grabbed our craft sticks, a marker and some post-it flags to create spotters.

We reviewed each of the spotter words before reading the book.  They were so excited to find a magic word and match it, while saying the word.  It's working!  They love spotting the words.   They're learning - heh heh, and they don't know it!

When we finished playing with the spotters, I quickly made a little library pocket for the craft sticks to go in.  That way the book is ready to go at a moments notice.

This was a very fast activity to set up, one that they really liked and it helped to increase their confidence with reading.  Happy kids!  Happy mommy!

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Fun!  Fun!  Learning Fun!

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