Monday, October 7, 2013

More Sight Word Fun

(44 Months)

We have been having a lot of fun playing our sight word games (see here).  I've been trying to sneak in an extra few minutes of playing throughout the day here and there to reinforce those sight words.  We are only working on a few at a time.  I'm pulling the list mostly from the BOB books:

Last May, we worked on a b, d, p, q letter identification matching game (see here).  To help us practice our sight words, here is another activity and it involves stickers.  My kids love stickers!  It's almost guaranteed that if I create a learning activity that incorporates stickers, they are going to participate. By the way, this is quick and easy activity can also be used as a formal assessment (for those of you who need to document progress).

At first Wild One did not want to come to the table.  That's fine.  I knew the lure of stickers would get him there.  Sure enough, "What are doing?"

 Aaahhh, yes the elusive smile.  It amazes me how horrible I am at taking pictures, I can never get a smile picture that isn't blurry.

Heh heh heh, sticker lure worked!

Dot markers are another fun way to work on this activity.  Since we were on our way out the door this morning, I chose a less messy option.

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