Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dr. Seuss Week- One Fish, Two Fish Graphing

(37 Months)

Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book was the first book and the main book that the kids heard before bed night after night, since they were only a couple of months old all the way up to their second birthday.  I loved the ritual of reading the same story.  My husband and I were at a point that we could recite the book page by page.  They love hearing Sleep Book and Oh the Places You'll Go, again and again.

I am a huge fan of Dr. Seuss's philosophy of making learning fun and because of that we too are happily and eagerly participating in Dr. Seuss Week.  To kick off Dr. Seuss week, I decided to give the kidabunks each a new Dr. Seuss book: One Fish, Two Fish and Oh, Can You Say Dinosaur?  (the second is from the nonfiction learning series- did you know that there is a nonfiction series?).  I love how excited they were as they opened their new books.

We don't eat Goldfish very often, we don't keep it in our house.  I don't have anything against the little cheddar fish, it's just that at 37 months we STILL don't eat as much as what a "typical" two year old eats (and we're three).  So, I try to make sure that the majority of what they eat is as nutritionally packed as possible.  With that said, they love eating Goldfish.  I found this graphing activity using Rainbow Goldfish on Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas and just modified it a bit for our stage.

You can grab our sheet here for free!

Wild One spent most of his time eating the fish, he did get a few on the paper, but he ate most of his fish.  Whereas Little Miss, would look for a red, yellow, orange and green fish and place them on the graph, row after row without even nibbling on a fish.  They are so opposite!  The fish were a fun way to play math while reinforcing: more, less, greater, fewer, equal, in all, most, least.  All while playing (and eating) tiny little rainbow goldfish.

We haven't painted in a while.  We've been drawing a lot (a lot) with markers and crayons, but we haven't painted.  So this morning, we donned smocks and began creating.  Today we just focused on playing with primary colors to make secondary colors.  I wish I had on film how excited they were each time they made a secondary color.  It's so cute- "I made PURPLE"  "LOOK it's ORANGE"

We love you Grandpa!  Little Miss went up to Grandpa and said something she's never said before- "Do you want to take a picture with me?"  We were stunned.  Of course Wild One had to get in the act.  He grabbed Grandpa's thumb to make sure he got the picture.

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