Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Paint Sample Rainbows

(37 Months)

My kidabunks love using glue sticks and scissors.  So I decided to raid the paint department for a rainbow of paint sample cards, then trim them into approximately one-inch strips, so that they kids can practice cutting and gluing.

This project really couldn't be more simple- but warning, it tired out my little ones' fingers.  This was a lot of cutting.  In fact we only got through the first few colors before we needed to take a break.  I drew a rainbow template, using crayons in ROYGBV.  Then, I invited Little Miss and Wild One over to the table.  They first separated the rows of colors into piles of ROYGB and V.  Little Miss worked on the reds first, then the oranges and so on.  Wild One picked up a random color and then put it on the respective template line.  Wild One kept checking his sister's work to see what she was doing.

Since we are still learning how to use scissors, instead of making cutting lines for them to follow, I let them cut wherever they wanted (to increase success during learning).  After they finished cutting all of the red strips, then they used the glue stick to trace along the red template line and they applied their red cuttings.  

Like I said, this was a lot of cutting.  So we put this aside to continue working on another day.  Meanwhile, we've got puzzles to work on.

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