Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Preschool Fun- Letters, Puzzles, Bath Math, Field Trip

(37 Months)

Little Miss asked to work in her schoolbooks, while Wild One read books with Grandpa.  I love the concentration on her face as she works.  I keep forgetting to pull out my sandpaper letters before we do a tracing activity.  At this rate, by the time I remember to take them out they will already have learned how to write their letters.

After we worked on a few pages, we pulled out our new favorite toy- puzzles!  I decided to try and challenge Little Miss by giving her two puzzles at once to see if she can still put the puzzles together.

Bath Math- we added numbers 6-10 (from our previous post).  Wild One decided to stay in the tub to continue working on ordering the numbers to ten.

We love Mr. Tommy!  He is an incredible performer.  He uses music as a way to teach children math, nursery rhymes and gets them dancing (while following directions).  Plus, the kids love every minute of it.  His CDs are available on his website.  This afternoon, Wild One pretended he was Mr. Tommy and did a reenactment of his performance.

Of course every trip to the mall requires a train ride with Grandpa.

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