Thursday, May 3, 2012

Potty Training Wild One (Day Three) & Fun with Shaving Cream

(26 Months)

Little Miss has been asking to sit on the potty.  Now, I know, and she knows, that the only reason she's asking to sit on the potty is because her brother is on the potty.  Yes, we're at that stage of 'whatever he has must be better than what I have'.

Today, my plan was not to remind Wild One at all to use the potty.  I wanted to let him fully realize (even if he doesn't make it to the potty on time) when to go.  That was my plan.  However, while recognizing that he obviously has to pee, I was only able to hold out for about five seconds before asking if he would like to sit on the potty.  He did wind up going on his own four times, but the rest of the time either Grandpa or I prompted him.

Are you ready for this?  The little stinker (ha! another poop pun) held out until 10:10 before pooping today, a full extra half hour of agonizingly waiting and watching and following him around with a paper towel.  We kept asking him to sit on the potty, sometimes he would, sometimes he ran the other way.  He had a miss before he pooped, probably because he didn't want to sit on the potty.

After he pooped, aaahhh, it was time to set up the water table for some bubble fun.  They really enjoyed making bubbles, scooping bubbles and trying to blow the bubbles off their hands.  While they were taking their naps, I decided when they woke up it was going to be serious messy messy time.  I broke out the shaving cream, paints, markers and the big roll of butcher paper.

This was our first exposure to playing with shaving cream.  There are so many wonderful activities that I'm looking forward to doing with shaving cream, but we don't have all of the necessary materials yet. So I decided to let them first get used to playing with the white, fluffy, creamy, squishy, stuff (or as Little Miss calls it, "the white").  We said good bye to the bubbles in the water table and then the kids took turns shaking the shaving cream bottle (on sale at Target for 97 cents), and then it was playtime.  I squirted the shaving cream into the lower basin of the water table and onto their hands.  Then we hid some of their smaller toys in the shaving cream and tried to find them by scooping piles of cream away with play spoons and spatulas.  They made train tracks and drove their trains around, they had their little fish swim in the soft foam, they carried piles of the foam from the water table to a bucket of water that I had set out for them (just in case we had a melt down and didn't like the foam on our hands or toys- which didn't happen).

 As you can see they got the foam EVERYWHERE.

The shaving cream was lots of fun.  I know we'll be doing that again- I love those free form activities.  Here's some shaving cream, a bucket of water and some tiny toys, have fun!

We then decided it was time to paint.  We mixed together the primary colors to make orange, green and purple (we add white to our purple, because Wild One calls it black because the purple is so dark), and then Little Miss loves pink so we made some pink.  It's amazing, we've made color blends dozens of times and every time I get the same enthusiastic reaction "wow Momma, that's _____ (fill in the color)!"  I love it, I hope they are always this easy to impress.
In the second picture (above), Wild One was painting and said, "look Grandpa a letter D!"  
I don't know if he meant to paint a D or he was noticing that the shape looks like a D.  
Now, he's painting a boy.  
 He decided to paint shoes on his feet and then put paint on his hands to make hand prints.

While the paint dried, they took Grandpa on a picture walk 
through a photo album of our vacation.

Then out came the markers to add those finishing touches to their paintings.
Little Miss has been experimenting with drawing with more than one marker at a time.

We were really messy, and it was hot out, so out came the hose.  The squeals of delight that came from Wild One were priceless.  He was so happy, especially when he started saying, "wet Grandpa".  

Naked time potty training has been a lot of fun.  It's pretty much play all day outside from 7 until 5 (except for our nap), try unsuccessfully not to remind Wild One about sitting on the potty and that's about it.  Tomorrow we are going to introduce Wild One to underwear (after he poops).  I have a feeling this is where it is going to start to feel like potty training (then of course we'll work our way to getting fully dressed, start taking short walks and then a quick trip to the store).

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  1. You seem to be having so much fun. For some unknown reason my toddler decided to initiate potty training the depths of winter with the announcement "No more nappies, potty and pants for me" - how I had wished it was warmer.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots