Friday, May 25, 2012

Organizing the Chaos

(27 Months)

What a mess?  An absolute disaster area!  This used to be part of my bedroom.  My kiddie craft supplies ran amok, and took over my room, the kitchen and the playroom.  I had stuff everywhere.

I started researching organizing craft areas and came across several cute pictures on Pinterest.  Then after some measuring, and evaluating what type of storage will work, we headed down to Ikea to pick up our storage solutions.

When we got to "Ikea's House" (that's what the kids kept calling it, I guess because of all the rooms that look like a house), we first sat on the potty - we're potty training.  Nothing.  We went straight upstairs and went to the restroom AND Wild One peed on the potty!  Woo hoo- Wild One peed on the potty!  I knew Little Miss wouldn't have to go, she doesn't pee until we put her diaper on for nap time.  Then we shopped.  Here was our inspiration.  Isn't it beautiful?

A little over an hour later and ta-da!!!!  Everything has a home.  Plus I have room for a few more sensory bins on top of the one on the right.  A big thank you to my amazing hubby for putting the shelving units together while I organized and filled the bins - all done during nap time (the most productive 75 minutes ever).

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