Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Painting on Aluminum Foil

(27 Months)

The kidabunks love painting.  We do a lot of painting (fingers, hands, feet, various types of brushes, sponges, pom poms). We paint on the easel, on our table, on large six-foot sheets of butcher paper on the floor, on three-foot sections of butcher paper taped to the sliding glass doors, and now on aluminum foil.

Picklebums did an adorable post about painting on aluminum foil.  We've got to try this!  I didn't have any cardboard to tape the aluminum foil to, so I used heavy duty aluminum foil and taped it to the sliding glass door.  This was a hit before we even started painting.

We start almost every painting project the same way.  We pour out little pools of primary colors on a plate and one with two primary colors on top of one another.  Then we name the colors, and guess at what color the two primaries will make.  I love the way they get so excited when the two primaries are completely mixed, it's always "wow, it turned (green)".

With the first dab of paint onto the foil, they stopped and looked at me.  "Noisy" Wild One said.  They liked hearing the crinkle, crinkle as they painted.  After they were done using their brushes, they dabbed the paint onto their hands and began smacking the foil.  Wild One's eyes lit up, "noisy!" Little Miss quickly started adding paint to her hands and also started smearing hand prints onto the foil.

The next time we do this, we're going to roll the foil into a ball and then carefully unroll it so that they paint on a textured surface.  I'll have one sheet of crinkled foil and one sheet of plain foil taped to the sliding glass door, so that we can do a little comparing and contrasting (of course also add a new dimension to sensory play as well).


  1. hmph! I've never thought of that... I'm always a little scared of paint at home... but I might just have to give it a try!

  2. Oh, painting on aluminum foil is quite fun! Thanks for sharing with Tuesday Tots. I have pinned this!