Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Potty Training Wild One (Day Two)

(26 Months)

Was yesterday a fluke?  We followed the same morning pattern (woke up, changed Wild One into a cotton training pant, fed him, brought them outside to play), yet it took him over 2 1/2 hours to poop.  He asked a few times to "change diaper" (I'm assuming he was asking to be put into a diaper), he was walking funny (as if he was trying to hold in his poop), he just wasn't comfortable and he refused to sit on the potty.  Finally after hours of waiting, he made a mad dash to the stairs on the slide and started to squat.  I was maybe two seconds too late, the poop hit the ground.  I still put him on the potty (which is sitting about two feet away from the stairs on the slide), and he managed to pee and poop a little more.

Right after he pooped he felt much better.  I felt awful about not putting him back in a diaper so that he could poop.  At the hour and a half mark, I was debating with myself to just scrap the whole thing and let him stay in diapers.  It's not easy seeing your little guy in any type of discomfort, but what's worse is that this one I could have prevented.  He did it though.  He pooped, not on the potty (close, but he clearly wasn't going to the potty).  Sigh of relief (ha, another pun!).

We spent the day playing with bubbles in the water table, trying to learn to stay seated at the picnic table while eating, using rubber stamps, enjoying pretend play, drawing with markers and dot markers, dotting in circles for the letter E, in general having fun in the sun!

Wild One was awesome with his peeing.  When he demonstrated that he needed to pee, Grandpa and I reminded him to sit on the potty (that's all).  There were even three times throughout the day and evening that he went to the potty on his own.

I'm still putting him in diapers for naps and nighttime, I'm not taking that away until I'm certain he's ready.  If I can get him diaper-free during the day, except for naps and nighttime- I'm good.  In fact, I'll take that for as long as needed (ok- I rescind that, I don't want him going into fifth grade with a pull-up on at night).

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