Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rainbow Shaving Cream Paint

(27 Months)

I saw this on Pinterest and knew we had to try it, especially after they loved playing with the plain white shaving cream.  Right before bath time, I got out the few ingredients needed- a muffin tin with deep wells, liquid food coloring, shaving cream, and paint brushes (we used silicone basting brushes from the Dollar store).  This couldn't be easier, plus it only took about ten minutes to prepare.  Squirt the shaving cream into each muffin tin (pile it higher than the rim of the tin, it deflates as you mix the coloring into the cream).  I filled it to the height of baked cupcakes.  Then add four or five drops of coloring, mix with wooden chopsticks (or whatever you have on hand), and have fun!

While I was mixing this together, they thought it was birthday cupcakes and began singing "Happy Birthday" to themselves.  So cute.

They loved this!  I'm glad I used a deep well muffin tin, because the paint went fast.  They started painting the tub, then the walls, then each other, and of course then us.  They loved squishing it through their fingers and watching it float and disappear in the water.  This was such a big hit that, I still received a thank you this morning from last night's bath.

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