Monday, May 7, 2012

Fun with Cheerios

(27 Months)

I found this adorable threading idea on Pinterest, it's from Sugar and Spice.  My kids love Cheerios, who doesn't?  I brought out this fine motor skill activity during snack time and they loved it!  

Little Miss immediately got right to work
threading the Cheerios and counting one-by-one.
Wild One kept taking the skewer in
and out of the Play-Doh.  He's working on
cause and effect ~ I can justify
almost anything and say it's learning :-)
Look at those little fingers working so hard.
Little Miss still busy working, while
Wild One takes a break from making holes
in the Play-Doh and eats some Cheerios.

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  1. Love how they're their own people from day dot!
    Found you via linky - off to have a look around - I have two littlies who craft - feel free to pop over and see what we get up to!