Monday, February 10, 2014

Learning Our Phone Number Through Song

(4 Years Old)

I can't believe that I never had the kids practice memorizing their telephone number.  Never, not once.  It hadn't even occurred to me that I should have them learn their telephone number.  Maybe it's because they are not in school yet.  Maybe it's because they are always with me.  I don't remember what sparked this sudden need to have the kids learn their home number, but whatever it was I'm glad it happened.

Hmmm, now how to go about this.  Taking a cue from when we learned the days of the week, and the months of the year (see the post here), I decided that I would create a short song to help them memorize their number.  It always amazes me how quickly kids learn the words to songs.

We used the song B-I-N-G-O and changed the words:
"Hello, my name is Wild One (if your child has more than one syllable to their first and last name, eliminate the "hello")
and this is my phone number
444-555-1212 (four, four, four, five, five, five, one, two, twelve)
please call home for me."

We first practiced singing the song.  Next, I quickly drew a picture of our telephone on colored printer paper- with the TALK and END buttons (since our telephone requires you to press TALK in order to place the call).  I also wrote our number on the bottom of the telephone drawing, so that they could practice whenever they wanted.

I was so happy to hear Little Miss and Wild One keep asking to be next (heh heh, you're learning and you don't even know it, evil - most sinister laugh, twirl mustache).  Within a couple of days of practicing, they learned their telephone number.  Yay!  Once they learned their telephone number, I cut off the number from the drawing.

They were so proud of themselves that they learned their telephone number.  I am too, they make me so happy!  I love that they are learning through play.

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