Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sight Word Fun Using Clothes Pins (FREE Sight Word Checklist)

(4 Years)

I'm on Day Two of my Pinterest Challenge (see here).  Today we are going to practice this weeks sight words using clothes pins (yesterday we did a Trace It, Stamp It, Cut & Paste It board with the words).  Each week we are going to practice three or four new words and then review the words from the previous week(s).  This week our words are: THE, HAS, HIS, and SAID (since it comes up so often in our read alouds).

I put together a Sight Word Checklist for my kiddies.  It has 50 of the most used words on Pre-K and Kindergarden sight lists.  You can download it here for free!

Today's Pin came from Kelly at Imperfect Homemaking.  I already love this idea, and we haven't even done it yet.  It only takes minutes to create AND I had everything in the house already (markers, clothes pins and index cards)!  Plus, it's easy to store.
I invited Wild One over to play first (everything is more fun with a sword!)-

Little Miss came over and sat down ready to work.  She looked at the cards and the clothes pins and began putting them together.  I didn't even get a chance to explain what to do.  "I know, I know Mommy."  They are growing up so fast!

Thank you Kelly for a quick and easy learning activity for my little ones.

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