Friday, May 11, 2012

Potty Training Little Miss (Days Four and Five)- Those aren't raisins!

(27 Months)

I called the pediatrician today to find out if we should be attempting something different with Little Miss's lack of drinking (and consequently few pees).  We were recommended to continue offering her drinks throughout the day, limit salty foods (salt will retain water in the body), give her drying foods (like peanut butter), offer her high-water content foods (watermelon, grapes, apples...), and smoothies.  That's what we've been doing and it hasn't worked.  She said not to worry then.  OK, no worrying- check!

Wild One is still being timed, every half hour I put him on the potty (sometimes with a tantrum and on those blissful other times without a tantrum).  He's still mostly like clockwork, except for poop.  That happens at random times throughout the day, there's no pattern it's completely sporadic.  He's still insistent that he doesn't have to pee, while he's actually peeing.

Little Miss keeps trying to make it to the potty in time, but seems to fall short by a few feet.  Most of the time when she reacts to an urge to pee, she winds up peeing within a couple of seconds.  She's trying so hard though.  I wish I could help her get to the potty in time, but it never fails, she always pees when I'm in the process of helping Wild One with something.

It would be so helpful if they would just tell me, preferably at least a minute or two notice, that they have to pee.  Of course it would also be helpful if they wouldn't make such a huge mess at meal/snack times.  Does anyone else's kids get food on their bums while eating?  It would be really helpful if they would nap longer than an hour (as I'm typing this Wild One still hasn't fallen asleep, and he's supposed to wake up soon).

Today (day five), we had our first outing in big boy and big girl underwear.  On Fridays we have a standing play date with a good friend and her incredible little girl.  This week it was my friend's turn to host at her house.  My stress level rose, the kids are going to pee and poop everywhere, I just know it.  When we arrived, she put me at ease.  My friend has an easy-going, calming effect.  Everything started out fine.  Wild One went on the potty at the half hour mark and peed (whew!).  I knew Little Miss wouldn't pee, and she didn't.  Then about 40 minutes into the visit, I noticed big raisins on the floor.  That's odd.  I went to go pick them up when I realized those aren't raisins!  I quickly scooped Little Miss up and put her on the potty.  Grabbed some wipes and started grabbing the trail that led to the potty, while my very sweet friend kept telling me not to worry about it and to take care of Little Miss (she grabbed some wipes and started wiping down the areas where the pellets fell).  I cleaned up Little Miss, her potty, changed her into clean underwear, washed our hands and - uh oh, where's Wild One?

You know don't you?  Well, let's just say we had a repeat of the above except with the boy this time.  Aaagghh.  This time, there was no poop trail though.  Cleaned up the boy, the potty, changed into clean underwear, washed our hands and the remaining hour went smoothly.  Wild One had another timed pee.  My friend and I got to chat and catch up, while watching the little ones play.  The three kiddos had a fun time playing together, especially in the pantry.  They are so funny.  There is a house full of toys, full, and they are playing with groceries in the pantry.  Those three have vivid imaginations.  I love our play dates.

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