Sunday, May 6, 2012

Potty Training Wild One (Day Five) & iPhone Apps

(27 Months)

This has been a wonderful week.  It definitely was the opposite of what I expected.

Today we started putting Wild One on the potty every 15 minutes.  At first I was against this, I thought it would drive him crazy having to sit on the potty even if he doesn't have to go.  So far, it's been working though.  Almost every time that the timer went off he had to pee (sometimes it was just a little bit of pee though).  Of course, while I was vacuuming their breakfast crumbs, he had a look on his face so I asked him if he pooped or was pooping, of course I received the usual "noooo".  Then I checked and their it was.  Well, at least it came out at 10:00, instead of at 12:00.

Fast forward to after nap (yes, we still only nap for about an hour - once a day) and it turns out that I jinxed myself.  Now if he doesn't have to pee at that moment, or for the following five minutes, it's all about bribery to keep him on the potty.  The books, Magna Doodle, chalk board and Play-Doh stopped working.  So, I brought out the all-time favorite thing that they love to play with, but are very rarely given the opportunity to- my phone.  We have several games on there that I really like-

He now kicks and screams if the timer goes off and it's time to sit on the potty (even if he has to pee, he still resists sitting on the potty).  This is how I imagined potty training.  Oh, how I long for four days ago when this was a wonderful experience.

Wild One and Little Miss say adorable kidabunk-isms throughout the day.  Wild One's latest is, "I make yellow (pee)!"

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