Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Potty Training Little Miss (Day Three)

(27 Months)

Today was the day that made me 

ask the question, "Why am I doing this?"

Seriously.  There has to be a better way.  Today was one of those days that some of you, unfortunately, can empathize with.  I have a massive shooting pain running through my neck and down my back from today.

Potty training Wild One has been wonderful at times and downright frustrating at times.  Today was filled with the latter.  I've been putting Wild One on the potty every half hour, even if he resists, because he has to pee (even though he adamantly says he doesn't have to pee, even while he's peeing he'll say he doesn't have to pee).  The books say by day three he'll recognize when he has to pee.  The books say this!  We're on day ten!

Where we live we can see the rain coming in sheets.  It's been unusually hot and humid (which makes it perfect easy-to-aggravate-Mommy weather).  Then all of a sudden we saw across the pond the dark clouds, the wind pick up, the sun take cover behind the clouds.  Uh oh, quick get everything (potty related) into the house.  Wouldn't you know it by the time I got everything and both kids into the house it was pee time?!

Within minutes, Wild One peed across the foam tiles lining our playroom. The rage builds (I'm not proud, but it's true). While I cleaned up the mess and his potty, he peed AGAIN on the foam tiles!  Now, I'm in full blown crazy mode.  I'm actually furious with a two-year old for peeing on the floor (which sounds ludicrous now as I type this, but the stress pains in my face and back are still rampant).  Wait, there's more.  Now, Little Miss starts having a HUGE pee on the floor.  I pick her up and fly her straight to the potty, pee flowing the entire way.  I'm livid, I'm fuming.  I'm a crazy mom.  Now, here's the kicker!  While I'm cleaning the third pee in less than five minutes, the sun starts shining again.  The sun starts shining!  We could have waited this out outside!

The rest of the day consisted of misses and forced catches (meaning we only caught them because I put them on the potty).  I'm not proud of myself today.  I need to handle this better.  Why doesn't someone write a book about the real adventures of potty training?  Not this garbage of - oh, I potty trained my son in a day.  It only took me two days and we were through with diapers.  Or my favorite, one day he just decided that he wanted to go on the potty and we were done with diapers.

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  1. Aw, potty training is quite a task. I hope it is going well. Thanks so much for sharing this with Tuesday Tots! We hope to see you back next week :)