Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Potty Training Little Miss (Day Two)

(27 Months)

Woo hoo, she peed on the potty!  Little Miss will do these mad dashes to the potty, sit down for just a few seconds and then pop off to start playing again.  She'll do this with such determined intensity that I'm always certain that this is the time that she'll pee on the potty, but no.  Then, she did it!  Little Miss peed on the potty.

She still is not drinking enough.  I'm still trying everything I can think of to get her to drink more, it's not working though.  Her nap diaper was barely wet and no poop.  Where's the poop?

Around 3:30, she did one of her mad dashes and she had a panicked look on her face.  It was awful, she was worried or scared.  I kept my hand on her knees and sang "Wheels on the bus" and kept intentionally forgetting the words to try to get her mind off of what was happening.  It took a long time, but she pooped on the potty!  She pooped on the potty!  Woo hoo.

Little Miss had three misses today, which is a lot for her since she doesn't drink enough to make a lot of pee.  She waits until the last second to run to the potty and often pees just a few feet from the potty.

Update on potty training Wild One - he loves his big boy underwear.  He has one or two misses a day, he doesn't poop in the potty, and we still need to remind him after about a half hour to pee on the potty.

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