Friday, October 18, 2013

Less Messy Way to Dye Eggs

(44 Months)

We dye eggs throughout the year.  Why have pretty colored eggs just for Easter?  We normally use food dye, vinegar and warm water to dye the eggs.  Sometimes we add stickers, or draw on them with markers.  Today, we decided to use Q-tips to paint the dye onto the eggs.

The setup was very quick.  We put two drops of liquid food dye into each paint compartment.  Next, I gently squeezed a little less than two mLs of white vinegar onto the food dye (we used an old medicine syringe).  Then, it was paint time!  We dipped a Q-tip into each of the color compartments and started painting our eggs.

This is another fun way to strengthen their fine motor skills to help prepare them for the intricacies of learning how to write and use scissors.  It takes a lot of control to hold the egg with one hand while painting with the other.  I loved watching their faces deep in concentration.

The end product was quite pretty.  I love the swirls of color.

A little extra bonus, we now can add some sliced eggs to a quick salad, have egg salad sandwiches, or a quick hardboiled egg as a pre-breakfast snack.

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