Thursday, October 3, 2013

We Are Reading!

(44 Months)

We've been working on reading our BOB Books almost every day.  Here's what I've learned so far (for my two):
           *  they try their best in the morning
           *  we only read for about ten minutes or until we finish a new book
           *  before we read a new book, I look through it to see if there are any new sight words and we
               review the sight words we've already learned
           *  when we get stuck on a CVC word, we use a flip book or our Lego letters to form words (if
               we are stuck on the word "tag", we practice words that end in -ag, bag, nag, rag, wag, tag to
               reinforce the pattern)
           *  after we figure out what the CVC or sight word is, we go back and reread the entire sentence.
           *  having a friend read makes it fun - if it looks like their interest is waning, I'll invite them to
               choose a friend to have read to them.  They then read as if they are the pretend friend.
           *  learning to read takes a lot of repetition.  They need to see the word again and again for it to
               begin to stick.  To help, while I'm reading aloud to them I'll pause on one of their BOB
               words.  If they are able to read the word, that's great, if not then before we move onto the next
               book we'll do a quick learning activity (magic spoon, flip book, Lego letters, paint chip
               words...) to reinforce the word.

What I've seen in these past few weeks has been amazing!  They are reading.  They are sounding out words and remembering sight words.  They are excited about reading on their own.  I almost cried the first time they read the first BOB book in it's entirety.  They're doing it!  They are reading!  We are reading our first BOB paragraphs (four sentences on one page- Set One, Book Six).  It's happening.  If you haven't tried BOB, I definitely recommend it (no, they are not a sponsor, this is completely my own opinion).

Here's a Pinterest page of sight word and CVC word activities that my little ones like playing with.

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