Friday, October 4, 2013

Monthly Journals

(44 Months)

We began monthly journals last month, when we started our homeschool preschool year.  My plan is to have Little Miss and Wild One repeat the same format each month so that we can show their progress (and it can be a cute keepsake for when they are older).

We're working on drawing a self-portrait, writing their name and practicing tracing the six letters that only have horizontal and vertical lines (according to Kumon they are supposed to be the easiest to master):  E F H I L T.

Sadly, this hasn't been their favorite part of homeschool.  In fact, they reluctantly come to the table to work on journals.  I thought they would really enjoy this process.  Since they don't, we only spend a few minutes on it and then move on.

They do get a lot of practice writing letters on the iPad (see here for our favorite apps).  I was looking forward to some good old fashioned pencil and paper practice.  Maybe next month they will want to work in their journals.  We're going to go play with play dough now.  Have a fun day!

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