Monday, March 3, 2014

Sight Word Flash Light Search

(4 Years)

We've been playing with sight words lately.  Last week we practiced learning sight words using clothes pins (see here for our post and for a free sight word checklist).  Today we introduced our three new words and decided to use our flash lights to spot (ha ha) the sight words around the house.  I wrote our sight words on sticky notes and placed them around the house.  We practiced our three new words (and, with and said). Then went off exploring for sight words.  I would call a word and they would have to shine a light on it.  Simple, easy to set up and FUN!

Learning through play!

UPDATE MARCH 11, 2014:
Three new sight words is a bit much for us right now.  I'm going to pause with our six words until all six are truly learned.  Then, my plan is to introduce one new word a week.  Since the sight word list is for Kindergarden, we do have time to slow our pace down.

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