Monday, March 17, 2014

The Leprechaun Took Our Gold!!!

(4 Years)

Last week we built two leprechaun traps (we worked together on the one with the hat, and Little Miss also made her own fort-style trap- see here for the post).  They really liked the part about filling the traps with gold to lure the leprechaun right into the trap.

When Wild One woke up this morning, he came running into my room excitedly saying, "c'mon you've got to see this!"  The three of us followed Wild One as he was running to the spot where our traps were.  "Look!  Foot prints!"   They were so sure they caught the leprechaun, but there under the hat was a little present wrapped in rainbow paper (see here) and a green card from Lucky.

Little Miss was a little upset that he took our gold, even though we read story after story about how leprechauns love gold.  Wild One was surprisingly alright with it, saying very nonchalantly, "that's ok, I didn't need it."

They ran all over the house looking for footprints and trying to figure out what he was doing.
Little Miss was trying to see how much smaller Lucky's foot was than here's.

This was priceless!  We loved watching them run around, excitedly looking for footprints.
Now, how do you make leprechaun footprints?  Pour green paint onto a plate.  Make a fist.  With your fist closed, dip the side of your fist (keep your fist closed) that has your pinky finger into the paint.  Press your fist onto the floor, and voila you have a partial footprint.  For the toes, I used the tip of my thumb for the big toe and the tip of my index finger for the rest of the toes.  That's all there is to it.  We used washable paint, for easy cleanup.  On the chalkboard I rested my hand on a damp towel.

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