Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Dr. Seuss Week- Wacky Wednesday!!!

(4 Years)

We borrowed this book, Wacky Wednesday, from the library and the kids had me read it so many times that I ran to Target to pick up our own copy.  I love that Walmart and Target both offer the Dr. Seuss books for just $5 in honor of his birthday.

After the kids went to sleep last night, I hung shoes on the wall (using dollar store suction hooks), drew upside-down pictures on one of their chalkboards, put a bunch of daisies in their kitchen sink, wrote their names backwards on their other chalkboard, turned some pictures upside down, pushed the chairs in backwards, rearranged their stuffed animals so that they would find them in strange locations (including being stuck to the back of a chair).

As soon as Wild One saw the shoes on the wall, he ran into his sister's room to tell her, "Wait until you see this!  There - are - shoes - on - the - wall!"  I love how excited he was.  They ran around the playroom (what used to be our family room), shouting "wacky thing!" while letting out great, big, crazy, belly laughs.

In honor of Wacky Wednesday, I suggested that the kids dress in wacky outfits.  Wild One chose to wear a pajama top and a pair of shorts (backwards) and two different socks.  Little Miss decided she didn't want to dress wacky, she wanted to wear one of her dresses.  It's so much fun being silly!  Thank you Dr. Seuss.

My sister saw this sign and posted it a few days ago, it's so true and a perfect reminder that learning through play is the best way:

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