Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Dr. Seuss Week - There's a Wocket in My Pocket

(4 Years)

I love literature-based activities.  We have two for you today.  A phonics one and an art one.

I began by reading There's a Wocket in My Pocket.  I then asked if they could make up any Dr. Seuss words.  Little Miss was all over this game.  I said a word and she Seuss'd it.  Wild One jumped in every now and then, when he could get a word in.  Here were some of their responses:

  • Table- Mable, Bable, Nable
  • Kitchen- Itchen, Sitchen and yes you know the other word (quickly moved onto a new word so            not to draw attention to what she said)
  • Couch- Fouch, Souch
  • Wall- Nall, Gall, Rall

Now, for the art!  I asked Little Miss and Wild One to draw their own version of a Wocket.  Even Grandpa created a Wocket!

Then we cut out our Wockets and hid them around the house.  Little Miss asked Grandpa, if she could cut out his Wocket for him. 

 We played HOT COLD to help one another find the missing Wockets.

Those silly Wockets keep hiding on us.  That was their favorite part!  They love hiding and finding the Wockets.  They weren't in the mood to draw though, which is odd because they are constantly doodling and drawing.  Oh well, we can always draw new Wockets later.  That's part of the beauty of Homeschool Preschool.

Happy Dr. Seuss Week!

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