Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shades of Green

(25 Months Old)

St. Patrick's Day (week)

There are just too many fun St. Patrick's Day activities to squish into one day.  We started out with a free form art project.  We made three different shades of green paint to use on a large piece of white oaktag.  Painting is one of our favorite activities, we usually get really messy so if feet are involved in the paint project we take the painting outside.  Wild One (WO) almost immediately dipped his foot into the dark green paint and then began to make footprints on the oaktag, while he did it he kept saying, "I did it!"  Meanwhile, Little Miss (LM) was examining the paint ooze out of her brush as she squeezed it. While I  tried to get a picture of this, WO had a smirk on his face and decided to try painting on a new canvas.  Who knew that Grandpa would make such an excellent painting surface?

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