Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Letter M Week (day three)

(25 Months)

Little Miss and Wild One love using their dot markers.  I made sure that we had some letter M dot pages in the packet.  Little Miss is maticulous about making sure she covers each circle and little mouse on the page.  She sat and worked on these pages for a good ten minutes (that's a long time for her).   

Wild One moved onto riding his Strider Pre-bike (it's a balance bike for toddlers) while Little Miss continued to work on page after page of dots.  

Of course he has a messy mouth- that's his green smoothie.
After we played with the dot markers, Wild One asked to "count count".  I brought out the Muffin Tin Numbers and they went straight to work.  It's amazing how focused they are while they are "working" on transferring the red balls from the white bowl to the muffin tins using their tongs.  

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