Friday, March 16, 2012

I SPY (St. Patrick's Day Version)

(25 Months Old)

Wild One loves playing I SPY.  We got this great idea about using a fly swatter to swat letters from Totally Tots.  We tried it and he got really into it (I mean REALLY into it), slamming the fly swatter down on the tiled letter and asking for the "next letter peas (please)", because he was excited to swat another letter. While I loved his enthusiasm, I started getting a bit nervous with the vivacity he displayed when smacking the swatter down on the letter, so I took out our Mickey Mouse pointer.  For some reason, WO is gentle with the pointer (without needing any reminders).

I created an I SPY game board (see below) and printed it on photo paper (for more rigidity).  Instead of using dot markers to identify each letter/number, we used green pom poms (Little Miss loves pom poms).

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