Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Counting and Stamping

(25 Months)


I went to the arts and crafts store this weekend and bought a set of number and letter stickers for an Easter/Spring learning project for later on in the week.  Wild One has been "working" on the muffin tin numbers every day since we first introduced them.  I love hearing him say, "count count".

While he was having his smoothie and playing with Grandpa in the lanai, I had an idea - I should add number stickers to the bottom of the muffin tin to go along with the numbers on the red balls.  I quickly added the stickers and then brought them to Wild One.  His response was "oooohh numbers".  He got right to work pulling a red ball from the basket and looking for the corresponding number on the muffin tin.

Then Little Miss wanted a turn.  I'm amazed at how much they enjoy this activity!  We finally added it to their learning shelves, and so far Wild One hasn't thrown the balls around the room (I know I just jinxed myself).

We decided to do a little stamping activity.  Nothing too messy, no markers, no paint, no dot markers- just stamping.

Or so I thought.  Wild One pressed the pink ink pad against his cheek and then smeared the ink across his face.  I'm so glad it's bath night, because he's going to need to soak for a little while.



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