Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Easter Egg Fun (matching & sun catcher)

(25 Months)

While searching the internet for fun learning activities, I came across this awesome letter matching activity from Joyfully Weary.   Since we buy 18-packs of eggs, I decided we would use two packs and make the remaining ten spots for the numbers 1-10.  I love how quick this project comes together.  Instead of matching lower case to lower case, I decided to match upper case on the egg to lower case in the carton (sine we already have a lower case to lower case puzzle- another easy peasy one to make).  Also to help my kidabunks distinguish between numbers and letters (some of the numbers and letters look alike: the number 1 and lower case l, the number 0 and letter O, the number 9 and lower case q), I used black scrapbook stickers for the letters and pink sparkly stickers for the numbers .  

This was a bit more challenging than I expected.  It took a little longer for them to find the correct match between all of the empty spots.  We'll definitely be working on this one for awhile.  

I was so excited to work on this art project!  The first time we made a sun catcher we made them clover-shaped for St. Patrick's Day and they came out fantastic!  I forgot to take pictures and post (ooops).  This is another inexpensive, fun and beautiful project.

Materials- To make one sun catcher you will need to:  Cut out a pair (one for the front and one for the back) of Easter egg shapes out of pastel construction paper.  Next, you need to cut out small 1 or 2 inch strips of pastel tissue paper (we used lavender, pink, light blue and pale yellow) - you will need enough to fill the inside of your cutout, with plenty of extra for overlapping.  Then, you will need to cut two pieces (one for the front, one for the back) of contact paper large enough to cover your Easter egg.  Before inviting your little one (or big one) to the table, tape down the underside of the contact paper to your work table, peel back the paper protecting the contact paper and stick on the Easter egg.  Then let the fun begin!

Little Miss ran out of pink slips .  When I told her that there weren't any more,
Wild One said "here you go."  I love that boy!
Wild One decided to go a bit overboard with overlapping his strips.  

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  1. look at those 2 cuties! Looks like you guys had some fun.
    I'm thinking of trying the contact paper again...last time Bam Bam didn't like it much.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment earlier!