Thursday, March 22, 2012

Jumping on Shapes

(25 Months)

Wild One loves to jump, run, stomp, dance, gallop...  Like a lot of two year olds, he has an endless supply of energy (oh to have a quarter of that energy).  One day I decided to draw some large shapes (square, rectangle, oval, octagon, pentagon, circle and a rhombus- oh and a cat, because Little Miss wanted a cat) on the pavers in our lanai.  I told them that we were going to play a game that when I called out a shape, they would take turns and jump on top of that shape.  They liked the jumping game, except for the part when they would jump on the cat.  Little Miss would bend down to the floor and tell the cat "you're ok, need a hug?".

We're so proud of Little Miss, after a month she finally tried her
bike (and in true Little Miss style rode like a pro).
Of course, Wild One now uses this as an excuse to crash into her at every corner.
No Mommy, I'm not going to crash into my sister.
Wild One decided to try his hand at drawing shapes.
Momma I did it!

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