Monday, March 19, 2012

Letter M Week

(25 Months)

We have been practicing our letters for several months now.  We watched Leap Frog's Letter Factory and loved the big finale song.  It became an instant sensation in our home.  We sang it as we changed diapers, we sang it during bath time, we sang it during walks through the neighborhood and in the car.  At 21 months, Little Miss and Wild One surprised us when they sang their letter sounds.  We knew they probably knew up to E, but they blew us away when they sang all the way to Z!  Hmmm, what else do they know that they aren't letting us in on yet?

I decided to start formal practice with the alphabet.  We're starting with the letter M.  I created a letter M packet to start the week.  The pictures below show you what was in our packet (plus we raided our local library for books on muffins, the moon, mountains, monkeys and magnets).

The kids had a blast identifying objects that are magnetic with this fun magnet set.  Wild One was amazed when he felt the force of the magnets repel one another.

They never cease to amaze me.  Our first exposure to Montessori Nomenclature Cards and after modeling they were able to match the picture to the control card.  Wild One really likes this activity.  He'll sit and do this "game" over and over.   If you are unfamiliar with nomenclature cards, here is a description with examples.  

Since we are talking about the letter M, here is a quick story.  We are in the car and passing a cow pasture, I ask "what do cows say", Little Miss says "mmmmm".  She's her Daddy's daughter alright.  

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