Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Letter M Week (day two)

(25 Months)

Over the weekend, while I was browsing all of my favorite and new favorite sites, I came across an amazingly simple, yet brilliant idea that I knew Little Miss would just gravitate towards - sun bleached alphabet puzzle.  We used two cookie sheets from the Dollar store (love that place), lined with blue construction paper and placed the magnetic letters on top of the blue paper (darker paper shows the contrast better after the sun bleaches the paper).  We left it out in the sun for one day and then we were ready to play.
Typical Little Miss.  If Wild One doesn't do what she wants fast enough, she does it for him.
We colored a couple of letter Ms and some mittens.  I also took out our sandpaper letter m to trace.  Little Miss took her time tracing the m.  Wild One was true to his name and jumped up and down and said, "letter m, letter m".  He decided to go to the number balls and count instead.

We tried using scissors again.  Both little ones keep turning their hands sideways so that the scissors are parallel with the paper.  By the end of craft time, Wild One was able to make three cuts without any help!

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  1. Just pinned the "alphabet puzzle" and realized it came from YOUR blog!! I love it! You and your little ones have so much fun! We have tried some of the activiites that you have done that we found on Pinterest, but we will be trying some new ones on your blog soon.