Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Flower Arranging & Stringing Beads

(25 Months)

I saw these felt tulips in the dollar bin at the craft store and couldn't resist.  We can do flower arraigning with just a few more supplies- stryofoam blocks and the little metal pails that are always in the dollar section at craft stores and Target.  Fun, easy and super inexpensive - that's my kind of project.

Once again, Little Miss impressed her mommy.  I didn't even get a chance to tell her what to do with the flowers and pail, when she picked up a felt tulip and stuck it deep into the styrofoam.  She then proceeded to arrange her flowers, making sure that some of the pastel blooms were pushed deep into the foam, while others were inserted just slightly (to give different heights).  Where did she learn this?  Wild One used his brute force to puncture the styrofoam with the stems and raced through the project, saying, "all done" and then moving onto playing with his trains.

I found these adorable Easter egg picks at the Dollar store.  We used them to string pony beads onto them.  We'll also use them to carefully guide through the holes in a large spice container (once I have an empty one - I thought they would fit through the holes in a salt shaker, but the sticks are just a bit too big).  
In true Wild One fashion, once he was finished working
with stringing beads he tackled Grandma.

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