Friday, April 6, 2012

Imaginative Play

(26 Months)

Little Miss loves her Magna Doodle.  She draws on it every day (every day).  In fact, she has a little morning routine.  After first breakfast (a little before 7:00), she goes to the shelf that we keep the Magna Doodle on and she begins drawing on it.  She's very private about her pictures, she rarely will show one and usually will erase her creation before we can get a good look.  One of their favorite things is to ask  someone to draw Thomas (the train).  Little Miss will without fail ask for two Thomas' (big Thomas and small Thomas - although now she says teeny tiny, instead of small).  She drew the picture below.  It's Thomas's head and eyes (two eyes Mommy).  My little left-handed girl drew a face!

Trip to the Museum
We had a fun day today with our Aunt and cousins at the Children's Museum.  I love 
watching them busy at work (sometimes so serious, sometimes giggling uncontrollably).  
Daddy was so proud when Wild One started making a hero.
Wood Fired pizza - yum.  They liked watching the "fire" in the brick oven.
There are the cousins!  Big Cousin is making a sandwich that he will toast in the brick 
oven (doesn't that sound like a delicious idea).  Little Cousin is getting the other pizza out 
of the oven and making sure that his pizza sauce tastes good.  He has a quick word with 
Wild One while they wait for their pizzas to come out of the oven.
Big Cousin getting ready to do an exam on Little Miss' kitten.
Wild One and Little Cousin dancing and admiring the light show.
Big Cousin operating the crane, while Wild One hops from one foam block to another.
Planting in the flower and vegetable garden.

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