Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggs & Colored Clouds

(26 Months)

This is our first time dying Easter eggs.  I've been looking forward to this for years and today was the day.  Little Miss was all ready and kept asking for "the pink Mommy, pink" while I was mixing our colors.  It's amazing that she gravitated towards the color pink when we were so careful about not giving the kids pink for her and blue for him.  Little Miss wanted to "try try" first, which worked out well since Wild One was busy playing with his trains at the moment.  
I love how she's inspecting the half of the egg that she dyed.
Patiently waiting for her eggs to change color.
I got nervous when I saw the deep shade of teal on her fingers.
She does not like having messy hands.
I forgot to tell Wild One to not squeeze the eggs.
As soon as he picked up his first egg, I heard crack.
I wonder what he's thinking.  
Observing his other eggs.  He didn't want to put his green egg down.
Wild One went in for a closer look - I'm reminding him it's not a drink.
When we finished dying our eggs they asked to keep painting, since we had all of this dye I grabbed a bag of cotton balls and our medicine droppers to practice using our pincer grip.  This was our first time using the medicine droppers.  I showed them how to make the colored liquid drip out of the droppers and then let them try.
Little Miss decided she wanted to dye the paper towel instead of the cotton balls.  Wild One kept squeezing so hard (see his fist in the first picture and how he's using two hands in the second).

They quickly got the hang of how to use the droppers and liked watching the white turn whatever color they were using.  Little Miss kept asking for more pink.

I love how in the first picture Wild One is watching Little Miss and in the second picture she is watching him.

Wild One discovered that he can pull the cotton balls apart.  Little Miss quickly started helping him make a mess, I mean experiment.    What a fun morning!

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