Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Foam Window Art

(26 Months)

I picked up a pack of foam sheets from the Dollar store awhile back thinking, I'll probably need these one day.  Months later, I'm looking online for fun outdoor activities for the kids and I came across this foam window art activity from The Imagination Tree.  Perfect, all I need to do now is cut a bunch of shapes and we're all set.  During nap time (which is still anywhere between 50 minutes to an hour), I decided paying bills can wait and I'll cut some shapes for us to do today.  After cutting basic shapes, including face shapes, flower shapes and train shapes, we were all set.

Little Miss worked on adding eyes to a face, finding the big and teeny tiny of similar shapes and asking me to make her a train.  Wild One worked on wetting each piece and randomly sticking it onto the window and then knocking them all off.

They had fun creating a few art pieces on the window wall, but the other toys we had outside captured their attention more.  Oh well, we'll keep it around for another time or maybe to play in the bathtub!

They love playing with these orange cones.  The last picture shows Little Miss placing the cones in a line and Wild One stealing one at a time and moving them out of order (he's such a little skutch).

We love playing, we spend almost all day playing!  One of our favorite places (other than our home - of course) is our local community center park.  They have musical instruments, things to climb on and through, a wide open field to run and chase Grandpa, plus it's mostly shaded.

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