Sunday, April 22, 2012

Can You Spot the Learning?

(26 Months)

What an incredible week!  We just got back from a week of fun-filled activities and playing (and hardly any sleep) with our cousin, Aunt Jeanine and Uncle Keith.  Their backyard is nicknamed The Amusement Park, because they have a huge backyard FILLED with toys: a bounce house, a ball pit, a play house, three slides, a huge swing set with three swings, slide, rock climbing wall and fort, plus they have a trampoline, roller coaster- yes, a roller coaster, peddle cars, tree swings, bubble machines, walk-in bubble ball, water table, outdoor kitchen, oh yeah and of course an outdoor movie theater!
That's our cousin, working out on the toddler
version of his daddy's CrossFit rings.  
Wild Man and his buddy jumping on
their trampoline.  
Little Miss is practicing the hula hoop
and the concept of "in". 
The boys are also learning about "in"
 (although they think they are just playing).  
Teamwork at it's finest!  Look at them working
on their gross motor skills. 
As you can see, these two were inseparable.  
One of their favorite things to do is to
wave at the school buses as they drive past.
Little Miss is picking yellow dandelions.  
"You've got a friend in me.  You've got a friend in me." 
Aunt Jeanine and Little Miss playing with Baby. 
Uncle Keith captivating the kids' attention
while reading a story.
Busy creating and practicing using our writing grip.
Aunt Jeanine and Wild One lead the
pack all the way up the trail.
Wild One stopped to pick a dandelion.
Little Miss is cooking in the play center at their local library. 
She has never done this before.  She set up a
tea service for two dolls and began playing mommy. 
The boys cooking - always together.
Buddy is "reading" a story to Wild One. 
Uncle Keith and Aunt Jeanine bought Play
Cookie Dough.  Look how vibrant those colors are!
I think the grown-ups had more fun
creating the cookies than the kids.
Look at Uncle Keith!
Buddy is eating Blue (from Blue's Clues). 
Aunt Jeanine is watching as Buddy colors in Woody.
Little Miss chose three different shades of pink markers.
She actually did pretty well at staying within the lines (I forgot to take a picture).
Wild One used a brown for his potato heads - pretty good color recognition.   
Little Miss kept looking at Lotso while she
was drawing him on the Magna Doodle.  
Buddy is playing in their sand pit.
He's practicing scooping and pouring.  

Thank you again Aunt Jeanine, Uncle Keith and Buddy for an amazing week!  We love you and miss you.  xoxo

Were you able to spot the learning?  Gross motor skills (including balancing, jumping and pushing), learning the concept of "in" and "out", observation, fine motor skills, imaginative play, "reading", comparing, scooping and transferring.

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