Thursday, April 10, 2014

Swirled Art Easter Egg Decorations

(4 Years)

We love playing with shaving cream.  Especially with colored shaving cream!  It's so much fun to squish your hands through the foam.  Last year we made swirled art Easter eggs, the kids and Grandpa were amazed at the beautiful results (see here).  This year, we decided to make swirled art Easter egg decorations for our palm tree.

We used the same process that we used last year (see here) and when the paintings were dry, I cut them into smaller eggs shapes, attached a loop of yarn with tape and then Wild One went around hanging them up!

The process is so simple:
Fill a tray with about an inch of shaving cream.  Add drops of different colored food dye.

Swirl with a chopstick or the end of a paint brush.

Place the construction paper on top of the swirled shaving cream.  Lightly pat it down (making sure that the paper is covered in shaving cream).

Carefully peel the paper from the shaving cream.  Allow to set for a minute or two.  Then scrape off using a window squeegee or a bench scraper or a ruler or a craft stick, wiping off the shaving cream from the scraper each time you swipe.  Allow your creation to dry and then you are ready to decorate!  Save those scraps of pretty paper, I'll show you why tomorrow.

Here are a few more fun ways to play with shaving cream:

We always stock up on shaving cream when it's on sale, but in a pinch we'll pick up some cans at The Dollar Tree - I love that place!  Don't you?

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