Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Fun Yarn Easter Egg Project

(4 Years)

We had so much left-over yarn from the Yarn Easter Eggs, that we made another Yarn Easter Egg craft this time by cutting out an egg shape from a paint chip card, making random notches around the perimeter and then wrapping yarn around the egg.  This project is SO easy!
They each chose which colored yarn they wanted to begin with.  I had them tape the end to the back of the paint chip and then they began wrapping.  
This would have been much easier using rainbow yarn, but since we had do much yarn left over, I decided to use those skeins instead.  They wrapped about three feet of each color.
Do you notice their finger grips?  They are practicing holding a pencil.
Little Miss was busy creating a checkerboard pattern.  She loves patterns.
Wild One liked the idea of chunking colors together.
The entire project only took about ten minutes.  When they finished, they asked if they could wrap a balloon in yarn again.  It's a good thing we STILL have so much yarn left over.

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