Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Minion Easter Eggs

(4 Years)

It's the Minions!!!!  I saw an image of Minion Easter eggs on Pinterest and knew we would be making these this year.  They just look so much fun!  The kidabunks had a great time decorating these.
I set out the plastic eggs, three sizes of googly eyes, school glue and a black permanent marker.  The kids went straight to work designing their Minions.
I love watching them work, their faces alternate from serious looks of concentration to big, toothy grins!  I know he's mine, but isn't Wild One just the cutest little guy?
We made a Minion with a pink bottom for Little Miss.  She jumped up and down when she saw the yellow and pink Minion.  She's so adorable!
After she finished her Minion, she asked to decorate a solid green egg.  I already had out the colored glue (left over from this project- see here).  She went straight to work decorating.
When they finished they called their Minions "The Minion Family" and introduced each Minion to their daddy.  So CUTE!

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