Monday, July 23, 2012

We LOVE Grandpa

Before I ramble on, I need to pause right now and give my Dad, now only known as Grandpa, a big THANK YOU!  He has been with me during this entire kidabunk adventure (not just potty training).  Ever since I went on bed rest two months before we gave birth he's been right here by my side.  That's right, he was on preggo- watch for two months!

Grandpa is usually one of the first words out of the kids' mouthes in the morning; usually in the fashion of "where's my Grandpa?" or "Grandpa where are you?" or "(I want to) see Grandpa".  To say that they adore Grandpa is an understatement.  He gets squeals of delight when he walks through the door (as well as full on tackles), and before he leaves my son always, always, says "take care (of) Grandma" and my daughter says "(I'll see you) tomorrow".

I love how my daughter always snuggles into Grandpa and how my son thinks he's a walking jungle gym.  There is a special bond between them.  They are always leading him by the hand, with the boy saying "come play Grandpa".

Thank you Grandpa for being a roll model dad and an incredible Grandpa.  Thank you for always being here for the kids and still finding the time (I don't know how or where) to take care of us.

We compiled a look back at a few precious moments with Grandpa.

We love you Grandpa!

Love always,


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