Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our Top Ten App List (Mostly Free)

(29 Months)

I was so surprised when I first got my iPhone to see how many wonderful, and user friendly, educational apps there were for my little ones (the under three group).  I spent hours downloading free apps and then trying them to see which ones we liked, and which ones would be deleted.

As of the past two months, these are our Top 10 (out of the 25 that we kept).  They are all free except for Letter Quiz and Dora's Skywriting Adventure (my incredible cousin Catie, gave us a free app code for this app).
  1. Letter Quiz (we first tried out the free lite version, but then purchased this version)- this app has four games: flash cards, match the upper to the lowercase letter, touch the "A", letter tracing (their absolute favorite- it has bumpers on the letters to help keep the lines on the letters)
  2. Count-a-licious- there are three fun games on this app: number show that tells and shows the number, a counting game and a number tracing game
  3. Bob Magic Lite- from the makers of BOB books, this app has levels of difficulty for placing letters in order (mostly cvc words)
  4. Magic Piano- teaches the child timing and finger coordination along with beautiful music
  5. Teach Me Toddler- quizes and provides a score cards for numbers, letters, shapes, colors, phonics and counting.  Offers sticker rewards after the players gets three answers right in a row
  6. First Words Sampler- shows a picture (of a cat) then has three tile letters for the player to place in order, it has a safety net that will not allow the player to misplace a letter
  7. Tozzle Light- a shape puzzle that reinforces sounds and names of animals
  8. Dora's Skywriting Adventure- similar to the Letter Quiz
  9. Little Writer- another tracing game, this one is for capital and lowercase letters, numbers, shapes and words
  10. MeMe Tales- reads aloud wonderful online stories

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  1. We don't have an iphone, but my kids love MeMeTales!

    Sounds like you have discovered some great apps!

    Thanks for sharing with Learning Laboratory at Mama Smiles =)