Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Paper "Writing'

(29 Months)

I spend so much of my time planning learning activities.  It amazes me when I'm able to whisk something together out of necessity at a moments notice and it's an activity that the kidabunks enjoy.

This morning, while I was making the kidabunks breakfast, a spinach and feta frittata (yum),  Wild One decided to climb onto my kitchen chair.  He grabbed the pen that was on the table and started to draw on his daddy's iPhone (yikes!).  I quickly swapped the phone for the Sunday paper, and showed him one of the advertisements with the giant type.  I invited him to trace the letters on the paper with "mommy's pen".  He went straight to work, intently "writing" and calling out his letters.  Within minutes, Little Miss came over to find out what her brother was doing and she asked to do the same thing.  She decided to trace the lines on the rectangle. I love how intently they both are when they are working on an activity.  I absolutely love moments like this.

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