Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Lightning McQueen + Sight Words = Learning Fun

(4 Years)

Lately the kids have been asking to practice their magic words (that's what we call sight words).  Their favorite way to practice is to Soak the Sight Words from the pool, they don't even know that they are learning or practicing or working.  To them it's all a game, it's all fun, and that's why it works!   This morning Little Miss asked to play the game three times  She said that she wants to win, and answer more words than her brother.  She actually said that!

A few days ago I found a sight word parking lot on Pinterest from A Mom with a Lesson Plan.  It looked perfect for us.  Easy set up, I have everything that's needed in the playroom already (a roll of easel paper, crayons, cars, dice with sight words on them).  So... during nap time I drew up a four-foot roadway and parking lot, wrote down some sight words in the parking spaces, grabbed all of our cars, and invited the kids to draw the landscaping.  Little Miss sat right down and began drawing trees and flowers.  Wild One decided to get dressed as Santa Claus, because it's July and one must dress as Santa in July, and June and May.

We used our giant die from the the Sight Words Race game, grabbed our basket of cars and we were off!  Little Miss rolled the die, rolled on was, said the word (yay!), revved up her little car engine and raced (wildly, not the the typical controlled and precise driving that her personality is known for) down the windy road, past the green trees and white flowers to the parking lot and easily parked in the was parking space.  She didn't even get her hand off of her car, when Wild One was jumping and saying, "my turn, my turn".

This couldn't have gone any better!  We were laughing, we were racing, we were taking turns, we were learning!

Look at learning through play in action.  Look at his concentration.  Look at her smile.  Look at Grandpa watching carefully.  I love homeschool preschool!!!!

Are you looking for more sight word games?  Just type sight words into the search box on the right.  I'll show you what's worked for us and at what age we started working with it.

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