Friday, June 27, 2014

Soak the Sight Words

(4 Years)

We've been playing in the pool a lot lately, a lot!  It's just too hot or humid, or hot and humid to do anything that does not involve a pool, a sprinkler or being inside.    Wild One and Little Miss, like most kids - and adults, like playing with water shooters.  Instead of ME being their favorite target, I decided that we would soak some of their sight words.  The chalk gets a quick dunk in the pool to make the writing a deeper color, and off I went writing down sight words (we call them magic words, it's more fun!).  As soon as they saw me writing, I was bombarded with "What are you doing?  Mom, what are you doing?  Why are you doing that?  Is that for us?"

When I asked if they wanted to play a water shooter game, they were bouncing "I do!  I do!".  They quickly grabbed and filled their water shooters.  All they needed to do was be the first to pronounce the word that I pointed to (with a pool noodle, just in case their hand-eye coordination and aim wasn't as good at words as it is at me!).  That's it!  Let the game begin and they had a BLAST!

We played two rounds and then it was time to come in for lunch.  As they were drying off, they asked if we could do more words tomorrow.  Hmmmmm, yes!

Look how easy learning through play is!

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