Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3-Minute Swirl Slime

(4 Years)
We like most of the world are still singing, "Let It Go" and "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?".  When I saw several Glitter Frozen-Inspired Slime recipes, I knew we were going to make a batch or two.  I decided to first follow this recipe from A Pumpkin and a Princess and then add more Borax to each new batch.

Glitter Slime
1/2 Cup of White Glue
1/2 Cup Water
1 tsp Borax
1/2 Cup Water, warm
Food dye or liquid water color

Pour glue and 1/2 cup of water in a medium bowl, mix well.
In a small bowl, mix 1 tsp Borax with 1 cup of warm water.  Add food dye.
Pour the small bowl of colored Borax solution into the medium bowl.
It will begin to solidify.  Mix with your hands.  Drain the remaining water from the slime.
Pour glitter onto slime and knead in.
Have fun playing, and store it in Tupperware.

So... I asked my little kidabunks if they wanted to make slime.  Little Miss was bouncing up and down, "I do, I do!"  I quickly gathered the short list of ingredients.  Instead of purple or light blue slime, Little Miss wanted pink slime.  Shocker!  The girl loves pink.  Her bedroom walls are pink, her bedspread is pink, most of her dresses are pink, her soccer ball is pink, her T-Ball glove is pink, ok, you get the point.

While she was in the process of making slime, Wild One dragged over a kitchen stool and asked to make blue slime.  Do you notice the outfit?  Yes, we are in June.

Here are a few things that we learned while playing with this slime recipe.  
1- The glitter was actually expelled from the slime.  It wound up all over the trays, the table, the floor.  
2- This stuff STICKS to towels and clothes, and it's hard to pick and peel off.
3- Adding more Borax will create a stiffer slime.
4- It BOUNCES!  That's right, it bounces!
5- It's addicting.  

I loved the swirl.  However, after about ten minutes the swirl turned lilac.  That's when Little Miss said, "I think I made a mistake."  I asked why and she said that she wants just pink slime.  So within minutes she created a second batch of pink.

Quick and easy imaginative play.  Look at those smiles!  It's so much fun.

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