Thursday, July 10, 2014

Colored Glue Monster Window Clings

(4 Years)

My little ones love working with glue, especially brightly colored glue!  Dying glue is so simple.  If you are starting with brand new bottles of white glue, you'll need to empty some out about a 1/3 into a squeeze bottle (they sell them at The Dollar Tree) or another container with a lid.  Then add either 1/2 tsp of liquid or gel food dye or liquid watercolor to your 2/3 filled glue bottle.  I use a chopstick to stir the glue and color together first, and then just cap the glue bottle and shake until it's all combined.  Add more coloring, stir and shake, until you have achieved your desired shade.   While the kids were napping (yes, after four years, they decide NOW is when they want to start napping - not when they were one, or two or three years old, but now), I made six colors and left one bottle white.

Materials needed:
Colored glue
Googly eyes
Zip top freezer bags sliced along their edges - to open it up
Trays or large books (to tape your freezer bags to- that way you can move their art to a drying area without it dripping or sliding off the plastic)
Tape (to tape down the freezer bag to the tray, so that you don't have glue on the floor)

Let the fun begin!  When making window clings, we learned that thicker glue is easier to peel off the paper than thin strands of glue, those tend to break off.

They loved squeezing and swirling the glue.

Wild One at one point decided to pick up two bottles of glue at the same time to squeeze together.  Look at those fine motor skills developing.  SQUEEZE!

Monsters must have googly eyes!

Little Miss decided that she wanted to create a rainbow.

Squeezing a glue bottle with precision takes a lot of strength and focus.  Her little hands got a HUGE workout this morning.

Let creations dry for one or two days.  If it's dry to the touch, try to peel it off the plastic.  If it peels easily then it's ready.  If it doesn't, then it needs another day to finish drying.

If the clings don't easily stick to the window, just wet the back of the cling with some water and they will adhere better.

They were so happy when they were able to stick their clings to the window.  

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