Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rhyming Wheels of Fun (CVC Wheel)

(39 Months)

Little Miss has been doing a lot of rhyming lately - pink, blink, sink, drink.  She also includes made-up words that will rhyme- bink, eink.   She cracks herself up, laughing wildly as she recalls or creates rhyming words.  Since she's having so much fun rhyming, I decided to make a rhyming wheel.  Since we have been pretty lax on practicing our cvc words,  I chose to continue with -at words, since we have practiced those in the past (see here for our calendar time post including -at words).  I made a rhyming wheel, with two paper plates and a brass fastener.  It took all of five minutes- including gathering materials.  Yay, this activity so far gets one star.

I invited the kidabunks over for a fun rhyming toy.  They were both easily hooked and came running over- two stars!  I modeled how to use the wheel, and sounded out the first word together.  Success - three stars!  I let the two of them "play" with the wheel, they took turns nicely- even incorporating Little Miss' baby into the mix- four stars!  Most importantly, they were having fun and learning at the same time.  Did they get each word right on the first try?  No.  Did they have fun trying to remember how to sound out each word? Yes!  When we were finished, I showed them where to put their new toy on the shelf.  A few minutes later, Wild One was playing with it again all by himself- FIVE STARS!

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