Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fizzy Magic

(39 Months)

Sometimes the best activities are the ones that you barely prep for.  This afternoon we were supposed to play with our water table, making colored bubbles.  We haven't done that since last year (see here).  However, we had a huge storm: thunder, lightening, rain, wind, hail.  So I pulled up my Pinterest account and looked through the pins that we haven't done yet to see what we could do (with little preparation).

Materials- baking soda, vinegar, medicine droppers, liquid watercolors or liquid food dye, and a tray.  Perfect, I have all of that (and I know where it all is).  Enter Fizzy Magic.

So simple, line a high-edged tray with baking soda, set aside.  Fill a few small cups with half white vinegar and half liquid watercolor (we chose the primary colors, so that we can continue working on reinforcing which colors combine to make specific secondary colors).  Grab a few towels for the inevitable spills.  Invite the kidabunks over to play with some fizzy magic.

Wow!  Look at it bubble.  That's right it's fizzing, do you hear the sound?  Little Miss worked just with red for most of the activity.  Wild One started mixing colors almost right away.  Look purple!  Look green!  Meanwhile, we were listening to the hail hitting the house, the cracks of lightening and booming drums of thunder.  Can we do more?  Yes, you can.  I'll just add more baking soda to the tray.

Momma, look the baking soda isn't fluffy anymore.  It's hard now.

When we were done, Wild One added some of the baking soda to his green vinegar cup.  They both loved watching the bubbles errupt up and over the sides.  WOW!

When we finished, we practiced our fine motor control of releasing just a couple of drops onto the backs of the bathtub appliqu├ęs.

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