Monday, June 25, 2012

My Baby Girl is Now in a Big Girl Bed

(28 Months)

My Little Miss made the transition from crib to toddler bed last week (June 20th- this post has been sleeping sounding in my draft bin, at least something is sleeping soundly).  Deep, heart wrenching sigh.  With every new milestone, I'm reminded of how quickly they are growing up.  They were once my itty bitty babies, in these teeny tiny premie-size diapers, we were tracking on forms how many mL they drank (not ounces, but mL).... Now, we can have conversations, we eat big people food, sit on big people chairs, only use diapers for naps and bedtime, recite books and songs that were somehow memorized.  Somewhere along the way they went from babies to toddlers and now to little kids.  Everyone told us that "it's (the baby stage) goes by fast" but I didn't think it would end so quickly.

While I am so very proud that my little girl is ready and sleeping in a big girl bed, I'm so sad that she's ready and sleeping in a big girl bed.  It's happening too fast.  I wish I could keep them little for just a little while longer (and that's coming from a stay-at-home mom who's with them all day, everyday).

When we brought Little Miss into their bedroom to see her big girl bed, she was so excited.  "I'm going to sleep in my big girl bed."  Little Miss and Wild One immediately climbed right into the bed and they both laid down in it side-by-side.  She was so happy.  She kept talking about her big girl bed for the rest of the evening.  To prepare her for her big girl bed, we laid out her toddler comforter on the floor and let her nap on the blanket.  After  a few days of napping on the blanket (she didn't want to nap on her mattress on the floor), and not getting off the blanket until we came to get them, we knew she was ready for her toddler bed.

That first night, we left her toddler comforter (we call it "the magic blanket", I don't know why we named it that, but we said it once and it stuck with them) on the floor, and told Little Miss if she changed her mind and didn't want to sleep in her big girl bed that she could sleep on her magic blanket. We checked on her throughout the night and she stayed in her bed.  In the morning, we waited about 15 minutes before walking into their bedroom to see if she would get out of bed, but she stayed laying down in bed.

What about Wild One?  He's living up to his nickname.  He wants his big boy bed, but it's very hard for him not to get off the magic blanket.  He's so sneaky, when he hears me approaching his room he makes a mad dash for the blanket, and stares at me with a look of "who me?  I'm innocent."  He's two and he's already this cunning.

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